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Consulting Service:Custom non-standard motor +86+510+83321355
Wuxi Honghu Magneto-Motors Factory
Add:Qunsheng, Luoshe Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
Contact:Manager Wu
Mobile:0138 0618 6098
Tel:+86-510-83321355(Sales Dept)
E-mail:[email protected]
Alibaba shops:wxhhdj.1688.com

   Wuxi Honghu Magneto-Motors Factory is specialized in the design and manufacture of various DC, AC and gear motors integrating development, manufacturing marketing and servicing into one entity. The factory is located the Huishan Development Zone of the developed economic delta area of Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou to the shore of Taihu Lake. It enjoys convenient access to airport, Railways, highways and sea ports. The traffic convenience and good geographic location provides favorable conditions to the development...

Recruitment Adding……
  120JBX Brushless planetary gear motor  
  120JBX Brushless p...  
  88JBX Brushless planetary gear motor  
  88JBX Brushless pl...  
  76JBX Brushless planetary gear motor  
  76JBX Brushless pl...  
  56JBX Brushless planetary gear motor  
  56JBX Brushless pl...  
  B42JBX+XC42BLDC025 Brushless planetary gear motor  
  B42JBX+45ZYN001 Planetary gear reducer  
  B42JBX+45ZYN001 Pl...  
  B42JBX+36ZY Planetary gear reducer  
  B42JBX+36ZY Planet...  
  A92JBX+88ZYT040 Planetary gear reducer  
  A92JBX+88ZYT040 Pl...  
  120JBX+120ZYT Planetary gear reducer  
  120JBX+120ZYT Plan...  
  92JBX+88ZYT050 Planetary gear reducer  
  92JBX+88ZYT050 Pla...  
Copyright:Wuxi Honghu Magneto-Motors Factory Sales Dept:+86-510-83321355 Switchboard:+86-510-83324753
Fax:+86-510-83322877 E-mail:[email protected]
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